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CREA Conference FAQs



General Questions

  • How much will I pay to participate?

    • Information about registration costs can be found here.

  • Can I access videos of the pre-conference workshops after the conference?

    • Pre-conference workshops will not be recorded. 

Platform Questions

  • What is Whova?

    • Whova is a platform CREA is using to host the virtual portion of the conference.   

  • Do I need to download software to participate virtually?

    • No, additional software is not needed to participate. Any web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) can be used to access the conference.

  • Who do I contact for technical assistance if I have trouble accessing the conference virtually? Is there a help desk to help me with online issues?

    • Please contact Whova at XXX for technical support with the virtual conference. 

Conference Session Questions

  • Will the plenary sessions and key notes be recorded? 

    • Yes, plenary and keynote sessions will be recorded. The recordings will be available after the conference. 

  • Can in-person attendees access the virtual sessions?

    • Yes, in-person attendees will be able to access the virtual sessions using Whova.

  • What time(zone) are all of the sessions on? 

    • Conference sessions are in the Central Standard Time zone. 

  • Which sessions can I join "live"? 

    • The plenaries and keynotes will be available live for virtual attendees. Additionally,  Q&A sessions for the symposia and roundtables sessions will be live.

  • Can I chat to people online during the session?

    • Yes, there is a chat option in Whova to converse with people during sessions.