CREA Second International Conference

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Fulfilling our mission to generate evidence for policy-making that is not only methodologically but also culturally and contextually defensible, our 2014 conference brought together an interdisciplinary group of U.S. and international scholars to focus on the role of culture in theory and practices of evaluation and assessment. The CREA conference is unique in its definitive recognition of culture’s centrality to evaluation and assessment and will illuminate the landscape of culturally responsive evaluation and assessment, a space that remains largely uncharted.

Conference Materials


A Moment with Dr. Gordon: Culture in Education

A Moment with Dr. Moss How Validity Theory in Educational Measurement Might be Rephrased

A Moment with Dr. Perez: Implications of Culturally Responsive Research & CREA’s goals

A Moment with Dr. Dawn Hill-Adams: Integrating Culture in Your Work

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