The core mission of the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) is to generate evidence for policy making that is not only methodologically but also culturally and contextually defensible.

tschwand_120x168“Competence in planning, implementing, and evaluating policies, programs, and practices that are relevant to the range of needs and experiences of diverse client populations is indispensable to doing valid, credible, and useful work in education and the human service fields including public health, nursing, counseling, social work, and the like. Understanding how to design culturally relevant psychosocial and educational assessments, indicators for program effectiveness, and evaluation designs requires a wide ranging set of knowledge and skills that involve issues in ways of knowing, the politics of knowledge production, cross-cultural sensitivity, ethics, and self-awareness. CREA is dedicated to producing researchers and evaluators who possess those understandings.”

- Thomas A. Schwandt, Ph.D.