“CREA has been created as a vehicle for us to engage in rigorous evaluation, assessment, research, practice, and meaningful dialogue relative to our schools and particularly those schools that serve large enrollments of children who are poor and/or from culturally diverse backgrounds. Our collective experiences as researchers and evaluators provide us with professional and lived experiences to undertake this critically important endeavor.”

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The core mission of the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) is to generate evidence for policy making that is not only methodologically but also culturally and contextually defensible.

In today’s pluralistic societies, to achieve valid and actionable conclusions from research and evaluation studies inquirers must have a substantive understanding of the character and influences of diverse cultural norms and practices. As an interdisciplinary center, CREA brings together researchers from across the College and University, the nation, and internationally to address the vital need for policy-relevant studies that foreground the cultural and contextual dimensions of inquiry findings on the quality and effectiveness of social and educational interventions.

Fifth International CREA Conference

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