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The recent COVID-19 outbreak has been especially challenging for the populations and communities most directly served by our CREA community. As an international community of scholars and practitioners, we recognize that the pandemic has affected many of our underserved and underrepresented communities in devasting and debilitating ways.   As a CREA community, while we seek to produce various forms of scholarship and opportunities, we offer these resources in ways that might advance our cultural response evaluation and assessment to our communities.


This webpage resource is designed to facilitate deeper understandings of the work we do in our multiple international and indigenous communities affected by COVID-19.   Through a webpage search between (3/13/20 and 5/31/20) of internet news and social media, we identified and received COVID-19 sources related to our communities. An additional set of links focuses on data charts and representations of COVID-19 in the communities most served by our scholars and practitioners.



The St. Louis American
Google Doc/Data for Black Lives
The Washington Post 
Thebault, R., Tran, A. B., & Williams, V. (2020, April 7). The coronavirus is infecting and killing black Americans at an alarmingly high rate. Retrieved from
Huff Post 
Ignaczak, N. M., & Hobbes, M. (2020, April 8). Black People Are Dying Of COVID-19 At Alarming Rates. Here's Why. Retrieved from
Democracy Now 
"A Systematic Issue of Disparity": Black People in Louisiana Account for 70% of COVID-19 Deaths. (n.d.). Retrieved from
APM Research Lab 
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Science News 
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More than 70% of La. residents killed by COVID-19 are African American, Governor says. (2020, April 6). Retrieved from
The Guardian 
Data from US south shows African Americans hit hardest by Covid-19. (2020, April 8). Retrieved from
The Detroit News
Brookings - The Avenue
Perry, A. M. (2020, March 30). Black Americans were forced into 'social distancing' long before the coronavirus. Retrieved from
The Guardian 
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New York Times 
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Mother Jones
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Mother Jones
Rios, E. (2020, April 9). Black people are dying from COVID-19 at higher rates because racism is a preexisting condition. Retrieved from
Huff Post 
Ap. (2020, April 19). Black-White Divide Grows Starker As More Coronavirus Data Emerges. Retrieved from
Al Jazeera 
Al Jazeera. (2020, April 17). Open letter from African intellectuals to leaders over COVID-19. Retrieved from
The Guardian 
Aratani, L., & Rushe, D. (2020, April 28). African Americans bear the brunt of Covid-19's economic impact. Retrieved from
Why African American communities are being hit hard by COVID-19. (2020, May 13). Retrieved from
This Chicago hospital shows why African Americans are suffering more from COVID-19. (2020, May 11). Retrieved from
The Atlantic
Serwer, A. (2020, May 12). The Coronavirus Was an Emergency Until Trump Found Out Who Was Dying. Retrieved from
New York Times 
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LA Times
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Chicago Tribune
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The New Yorker
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Summers, J. (2020, May 16). In Virtual Speech To Black Graduates, Obama Says U.S. Lacks Leadership On Coronavirus. Retrieved from
The New York Times
Medina, J., & Gebeloff, R. (2020, May 25). The Coronavirus Is Deadliest Where Democrats Live. Retrieved from
WUNC North Carolina Public Radio
Inge, L. (n.d.). New Poll Shows Impact Of Coronavirus On African Americans. Retrieved from
The Guardian 
Lutz, E. (2020, May 24). Chicago: black people are 30% of its population but 60% of its Covid-19 deaths. Retrieved from


Cox, D. (2020, June 16). Hardship, anxiety, and optimism: Racial and partisan disparities in Americans’ response to COVID-19 Findings from the AEI COVID-19 and American Life Survey. Retrieved from
African American Policy Forum (AAPF) 
Under the Blacklight: COVID-19 (Copy). (2020). Retrieved July 01, 2020, from
Education Review Office
COVID-19: Learning in Lockdown. (n.d.). Retrieved July 01, 2020, from
Education Review Office

Pole, N. (n.d.). Te Tāmata Huaroa: Te Reo Māori in English-medium Schooling. Retrieved July 01, 2020, from

Incarcerated in a Crisis: A Virtual Town Hall with Sen. Bernie Sanders 

Sanders, B. (2020, May). Incarcerated in a Crisis: A Virtual Town Hall with Senator Bernie Sanders. Retrieved from

School counselor COVID19 Response and Crisis Intervention Resources

School Counselor - COVID Response and Crisis Intervention Resources. (2020, April 22). Retrieved July 01, 2020, from

The impact of COVID-19 on prisons (May 15)

Stenglein, J., Ray, R., & Looney, A. (2020, June 10). Webinar: The impact of COVID-19 on prisons. Retrieved July 01, 2020, from


Asian Americans Advancing Justice
Coronavirus/COVID-19 Resources to Stand Against Racism. (n.d.). Retrieved from
MacArthur Foundation 
Challenging the Spread of Racism During COVID-19. (n.d.). Retrieved from
(AAJT)Stand Against Hatred 
Stand Against Hatred. (2020). Retrieved from
Protecting Asian American Pacific Islander Work People
COVID19. (2020). Retrieved from
Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations
COVID-19. (2020). Retrieved from
(AAJA)Asian American Journalist Association 
AAJA Calls on News Organizations to Exercise Care in Coverage of the Coronavirus Outbreak. (n.d.). Retrieved from
European Evaluation Society
African American Research Collaborative
African American Research Collaborative. (n.d.). Retrieved from


Internet news/Blogs/Asian Americans

Mental Health Issues Facing the Asian American Community 

Mental health issues facing the Asian American community. (n.d.). Retrieved March 31, 2021, from

NBC News

Campbell, A. F., & Ellerbeck, A. (2020, April 16). Federal agencies are doing little about the rise in anti-Asian hate. Retrieved from


Scheer, R. (2020, April 16). The Power and Pain of Being Asian American During the Coronavirus Crisis. Retrieved from

Human Rights Watch

Vang, S. (2020, April 17). US Government Should Better Combat Anti-Asian Racism. Retrieved from


Liu, O. by E. (2020, April 11). Covid-19 has inflamed racism against Asian-Americans. Here's how to fight back. Retrieved from

The Hill 

Kelley, A. (2020, April 7). Attacks on Asian Americans skyrocket to 100 per day during coronavirus pandemic. Retrieved from

The Bold Italic 

Lee, F. (2020, April 5). COVID-19 Is Bringing Out Deep-Rooted Racism in the Bay Area. Retrieved from

US News

Trump Dubs COVID-19 'Chinese Virus' Despite Hate Crime Risks. (n.d.). Retrieved from

CNN Business 

Gan, N., & Culver, D. (2020, April 16). China is fighting the coronavirus with a digital QR code. Here's how it works. Retrieved from


McGregor, G. (2020, April 20). China now has more leading COVID-19 vaccine candidates than any other country. Retrieved from

BBC News

Coronavirus: China outbreak city Wuhan raises death toll by 50%. (2020, April 17). Retrieved from


Sullivan, M. (2020, April 16). In Vietnam, There Have Been Fewer Than 300 COVID-19 Cases And No Deaths. Here's Why. Retrieved from

CNN world

Renton, A., & Picheta, R. (2020, April 17). More than 140 seemingly recovered patients have retested positive for Covid-19, says South Korea. Retrieved from

Diverse issues in Higher Education 

Scientific Organizations Write to Congress Denouncing Anti-Asian Sentiment. (2020, April 23). Retrieved from


Loffman, M. (2020, April 7). Asian Americans describe 'gut punch' of racist attacks during coronavirus pandemic. Retrieved from


Vansynghel, M. (2020, May 13). Seattle artist fights anti-Asian racism in the Chinatown-International District. Retrieved from

NBC News

Yam, K. (2020, May 12). Trump claims Asian Americans are angry at 'what China has done' to U.S. Retrieved from

Diverse Issues in Higher Education 

Asian American Artists Illustrate Students' Coronavirus Stories. (2020, May 25). Retrieved from

ABC News

Han, N. (2020, May 23). I don’t scare easily, but COVID-19 virus of hate has me terrified: Reporter’s Notebook. Retrieved from

Human Rights Watch

Covid-19 Fueling Anti-Asian Racism and Xenophobia Worldwide. (2020, May 15). Retrieved from

CNN Business 

Sur, P. (2020, May 17). How India conquered the pharma world with generic drugs, but still relies on China. Retrieved from

South China Morning Post

'Political virus' is spreading in America, says Chinese foreign minister. (2020, May 25). Retrieved from

FP Insider

Bordoff, J. (2020, May 22). Trump's China Trade Deal Is as Dead as Can Be. Retrieved from

BBC News

Coronavirus: China accuses US of spreading 'conspiracies'. (2020, May 24). Retrieved from

Informed & Inspired - News from SDSU COE

Aquino-Sterling, C. R. (n.d.). COMMENTARY: Anti-Asian Hate in Light of COVID-19 Hurts All of Us. Retrieved from


Internet News/Blogs/Latin Community 

Somatics and Trauma Reading and Resource List
The Intercept
Green, E. (2020, April 16). Citing Coronavirus, U.S. and Mexico Block Kids From Asylum. Retrieved from
The Hill
Bernal, R. (2020, April 18). Coronavirus hits already-struggling Mexican economy. Retrieved from
Los Angeles Times
McDonnell, P., & Sanchez, C. (2020, April 18). As coronavirus spreads, medical workers in Mexico face attacks, intimidation. Retrieved from
Freight Waves
Mahoney, N. (2020, April 16). Coronavirus outbreak tied to US-owned factory in Mexico. Retrieved from
Cumberland Times News
McMinn, T., & Cumberland Times-News. (2020, April 17). American Woodmark plants in Mexico suspended. Retrieved from
News Radio KYW 
Gregg, C., & Gregg, C. (2020, April 18). Report shows disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Latino community. Retrieved from
Gross, E. (2020, April 17). No surprise: More blacks and Latinos are dying of Covid-19. Retrieved from,124199
Longmont Observer
Longmont Observer, & Longmont Observer. (2020, April 16). COVID-19 Race/ethnicity Data Analysis Illustrates Disparities in Boulder County. Retrieved from
Utah Public Radio
Webb, K. (n.d.). Hispanic, LatinX Population Shows More COVID-19 Cases. Retrieved from
York Daily Record
Argento, M. (2020, April 17). Latinos in York City infected with COVID-19 at higher rate than others: 71.6% of cases. Retrieved from
USA Today
Cava, M. della. (2020, April 18). Latinos disproportionately dying, losing jobs because of coronavirus: 'We are strong people, but something has to change'. Retrieved from
Deseret News
Knox, A., & Bojórquez, K. (2020, April 11). Latino workers 'hit the hardest' as coronavirus erases many jobs. Retrieved from
The Hill
Cardona, M. (2020, April 20). Coronavirus exposes the life-and-death inequalities faced by Latinos. Retrieved from
Pew Research Center 
Krogstad, J. M., Gonzalez-Barrera, A., & Noe-Bustamante, L. (2020, April 3). U.S. Latinos among hardest hit by pay cuts, job losses due to coronavirus. Retrieved from
Mlive (Michigan Live)
Marowski, S. (2020, May 12). Hispanics at higher risk to suffer health, economic consequences from coronavirus, University of Michigan professors say. Retrieved from
Gogoi, P. (2020, May 10). Why A Historic Wave Of Latino Prosperity Is Under Threat Now. Retrieved from
Wight, A. (2020, May 25). Warning For The U.S.: Diabetes And Coronavirus Cocktail Killing Young People In Mexico. Retrieved from
ABC 7 Eyewitness News
Goudie, C., Markoff, B., Tressel, C., Weidner, R., Fagg, J., Aguilar, A., & Wls. (2020, May 22). Chicago coronavirus: Why the COVID-19 pandemic is deepening a racial divide in Chicago area
The Guardian 
Gabbatt, A. (2020, May 25). Latino workers face discrimination over spread of coronavirus in meat plants. Retrieved from
CNN News
Vazquez, M. (2020, May 21). Trump uses coronavirus call to rally Hispanic support for his reelection. Retrieved from
The New York Times
Latinos in Some States Have Seen Higher Rates of Infection. (2020, May 7). Retrieved from

Internet News/Blogs/Native Americans/Indigenous Groups

Daily News
Gifford, S. (2020, April 18). Native American tribes suing over coronavirus cash. Retrieved from
Blake, J. (2020, April 14). Native Americans were already decimated by a virus. They're scared it could happen again. Retrieved from
Cnn. (2020, April 7). The risk to Native American nations from Covid-19. Retrieved from
United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs 
COVID-19 and Indigenous peoples For Indigenous Peoples. (n.d.). Retrieved from
United Nations Development Program
Maria del Carmen Sacasa, replication-receiver. (2020, April 13). Supporting Peru's indigenous people in the fight against COVID-19. Retrieved from
National Geographic 
Trevisan/Hutukara, G. G., & Fittipaldi, F. (2020, April 12). First coronavirus deaths reported in indigenous communities in the Amazon. Retrieved from
IEN Indigenous Environmental Network 
IEN COVID-19 Emergency Mutual Aid Fund. (n.d.). Retrieved from
The Hill
Klar, R. (2020, April 12). New Mexico governor says state faces 'unique challenges' responding to COVID-19 in Native American communities. Retrieved from
Albuquerque Journal 
Boyd, D., & Journal Capitol Bureau. (n.d.). Tribes feeling brunt of coronavirus impact in NM. Retrieved from

Internet News/Blogs - Immigrant/Racism

Democracy Now
Democracy Now! (2020, April 14). At Least 19 Immigrant Children Infected with COVID-19 at Chicago Facility. Retrieved from
American Immigration Lawyer Society
AILA - ** Resource Center: 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) **. (n.d.). Retrieved from
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services 
USCIS Response to COVID-19. (2020, March 13). Retrieved from
Hagemann, H. (2020, April 14). New Survey Highlights Racial Disparities In The Coronavirus Pandemic. Retrieved from 
New York Post
Raskin, S. (2020, April 14). McDonald's in China apologizes for sign banning black people amid coronavirus. Retrieved from
The New York Times
Correal, A., Jacobs, A., & Jones, R. C. (2020, April 9). 'A Tragedy Is Unfolding': Inside New York's Virus Epicenter. Retrieved from
Buzz Feed News
Jha, N. (2020, April 18). It Was Meant To Be An App To Help Immigrants Lead A Normal Life In The US. Now It's Helping Them Survive The Coronavirus. Retrieved from
The Sun Sentinel 
Valdez, Y. H. (2020, April 9). Hispanic women unite in Weston to sew masks and fight coronavirus. Retrieved from
Meet the Press
Meet the Press - May 31, 2020. (2020, May 31). Retrieved June 23, 2020, from

Newspaper /global news/media

The Jakarta Post 
Jakarta Post. (n.d.). Coronavirus reveals, exacerbates US inequality. Retrieved from
The Jakarta Post 
Jakarta Post. (n.d.). A new Jakarta. Retrieved from
The Jakarta Post 
Jakarta Post. (n.d.). Explainer: Indonesia to finance coronavirus battle mostly through debt. Retrieved from
The Jakarta Post 
Jakarta Post. (n.d.). COVID-19: Community in Madiun builds 'open kitchen' to help affected residents avoid hunger. Retrieved from
The Jakarta Post 
Jakarta Post. (n.d.). Indonesia's latest official COVID-19 figures. Retrieved from
The Jakarta Post 
Jakarta Post. (n.d.). COVID-19: More regions request PSBB status as Indonesia sees big jump in infections, deaths. Retrieved from
The Jakarta Post 
Jakarta Post. (n.d.). Why the COVID-19 pandemic was a 'strategic surprise' for Indonesia. Retrieved from
Center for Disease and Control (CDC) 
World Map. (2020, April 14). Retrieved from
ChandrashekharMar, V., HeidtApr, A., HeidtApr, A., Ortega, R. P., HeidtApr, A., & BrainardApr, J. (2020, March 31). 1.3 billion people. A 21-day lockdown. Can India curb the coronavirus?
Travel - What coronavirus reveals about the world's culture. (2020, March 28). Retrieved from
AL-Monitor- The Pulse of the Middle East
al-Jaffal, O. (2020, April 13). Coronavirus changes Iraq's traditions of physical touch. Retrieved from
AL-Monitor- The Pulse of the Middle East
Staff, A.-M. (2020, April 14). Coronavirus resurging in Iran hotspots amid partial reopening. Retrieved from
AL-Monitor- The Pulse of the Middle East
Staff, A.-M. (2020, April 14). Turkey to release thousands of prisoners as coronavirus sweeps through jails. Retrieved from
Tech Crunch 
Singh, M. (2020, April 18). To avoid hostile takeovers amid COVID-19, India mandates approvals on Chinese investments. Retrieved from
Deutsche Welle. (n.d.). Novelist Arundhati Roy claims pandemic exposes India's 'crisis of hatred against Muslims': DW: 19.04.2020. Retrieved from

Internet News/Blog Space/Miscellaneous

The New York Times
Covid 19 and Prison Systems

Blog Space/Internet News/Housing

Humanities Truck (Homelessness)
Sheptock, E., & Sheptock, E. S. (2020, April 1). COVID-19: Homeless Tent Cities Left Susceptible And Lacking Info. Retrieved from
The St. Louis American 
Rivas, R. (2020, April 14). Advocates concerned about a COVID-19 plan for homeless in St. Louis City. Retrieved from
Brookings - The Avenue
Pedigo, S. (2020, March 27). How our cities can reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic. Retrieved from
Brookings - The Avenue
Loh, T. H., Love, H., & Vey, J. S. (2020, March 27). The qualities that imperil urban places during COVID-19 are also the keys to recovery. Retrieved from
Brookings - The Avenue
Greene, S., Berube, A., Ratliff, J. D., & Shroyer, A. (2020, March 26). State policies to promote shared prosperity in cities. Retrieved from
Brookings - The Avenue
Berube, A. (2020, March 27). As coronavirus fuels a looming recession, which cities achieved inclusive growth in the past decade's boom? Retrieved from
Brookings - The Avenue
Parilla, J. (2020, March 27). How cities are helping workers and small businesses during the coronavirus crisis. Retrieved from
Brookings - The Avenue
Turner-Lee, N. (2020, March 27). What the coronavirus reveals about the digital divide between schools and communities. Retrieved from
Brookings - The Avenue
Muro, M., Maxim, R., & Whiton, J. (2020, March 27). The places a COVID-19 recession will likely hit hardest. Retrieved from
Brookings - The Avenue
Schuetz, J. (2020, March 27). America's inequitable housing system is completely unprepared for coronavirus. Retrieved from
Brookings - The Avenue
Berube, A. (2020, March 27). As coronavirus fuels a looming recession, which cities achieved inclusive growth in the past decade's boom? Retrieved from
Williams, D. (2020, March 26). What The $2 Trillion Stimulus Package Means For Housing. Retrieved from
Wall Street Journal 
Berger, P. (2020, March 28). New York City Must Shield Homeless From Coronavirus, Legal Aid Says. Retrieved from
Housing Matters - an Urban Initiative 
Burrowes, K., & Cohen, O. (2020, March 31). When Pandemic Hits, Pausing Evictions Can Help Renters and Landlords-But It's Not Enough. Retrieved from
Housing Matters - an Urban Initiative 
The High Cost of Eviction and Low Cost of Filing. (2020, March 25). Retrieved from
The Washington Post 
Jessica Contrera, T. J. (2020, March 22). Facing eviction as millions shelter in place. Retrieved from Master