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Sixth International Conference

This conference will feature CREA and UIUC partnerships focused on and with:

i) Undergraduate students from a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) through the Department of Psychology at The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania 

ii) Emerging graduate students from underserved and underrepresented groups who participate in universities in the wider Chicagoland through the Chicagoland Evaluation Association, a regional affiliate of the American Evaluation Association,

iii) Indigenous and local evaluators who work in Chicago, IL through CREA-Become, a Center for Community Engagement and Social Change,

iv) A developing pathways initiative of junior year students of color at Adler University, Loyola University Chicago, Northwestern University, and University of Illinois-Chicago interested in evaluation through support from the McCormick Foundation in Chicago, IL.

In addition to the benefits of conference registration for a select number of students (ranging from 2-5 students depending on the pathway partnership), participants will have an opportunity for additional mentorship in preparing for the conference and post-learning sessions for those participating and forthcoming partners. Ultimately, the funding resources for this project will:

  1. Facilitate conversations and guidance prior to, during, and after the conference to explore their continued education and training as evaluators with ongoing mentoring through the CREA network; and
  2. Facilitate the development of new networks, partnerships, and possibilities for developing pipelines and pathways for undergraduate and graduate students from Chicagoland and HBCUs to learn about the relevance for culturally responsive evaluation and assessment in their academic and career pursuits.

The evaluation of the conference will be done in coordination with the external evaluator, Prisca Collins, Associate Professor and Director of Community Engagement, Florida Southern College.